Lazarus Labs Phentramin-D Review

Reviewed by: Mike Lamento

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Today more than ever, people who struggle with losing weight dream of a world where a simple little pill can be taken to create the ideal body that they desire. However, most people (including myself) have grown increasingly cynical about the power of commercial diet pills and appetite suppressants.

In a nutshell, most people have turned away from popular over the counter weight loss supplements because they just don’t seem to do what they are supposed to do. All too often you buy a weight loss product expecting it to do exactly what the claims in the advertisement state, which is to speed up the weight loss for the fastest results possible.

But in the end, you are frustrated and end up with lost money and lost hope.

However, thanks to an all new progressive innovation in weight loss, there is new hope…

What is Phentramin-D?

First off, Phentramin-D is in a class of an all new breed of over the counter diet pills on the market today.

Along with many others that contain the word “Phen” in their name, these supplements are marketed as alternatives to Phentermine and are considered the next generation of weight loss solutions.

Products under this category are manufactured in state of the art FDA approved facilities and contain powerful yet 100% legal pharmaceutical grade ingredients that act to suppress appetite and stimulate metabolism for burning stubborn belly fat.

The laboratory synthesized ingredients rival that of only the strongest prescription weight loss pills that are only available from your doctor. You won’t find any of the latest “fad” ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee or Raspberry Ketones in products like these.

As for Phentramin-D specifically, it was way ahead of its time when finally released to the public for sale.

Manufactured exclusively by Lazarus Labs, it was the original 100% legal and safe alternative to prescription diet pills like Phentermine375, Adipex-P and Duromine and was followed by many copycat products over the years.

What is it Used For?

Phentramin-D is mainly used as a legal and safe alternative to prescription diet pills by people who aren’t comfortable taking the risks involved with prescriptions like Phentermine and Adipex.

Most people who buy Phentramin-D do so because they are looking for:

  • Something that will help control the urge to eat
  • Something that will help to boost a slow metabolism
  • Something that will provide sustained energy throughout the day

It is also used by people who may not be able to get a prescription from a doctor but are still looking for a powerful diet product.

Alternatively, there are those out there that want something a little more powerful than the average herbal commercial supplements that are popular on the market. In this case, they opt for a product that contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are produced in a lab rather than from an herb.

One great example is pertaining to Yohimbine HCL, one of the main ingredients in this product. Yohimbine HCL is synthetically produced in a lab and is nothing like its herbal counterpart, Yohimbe.

Don’t get the two of these confused, because Yohimbine HCL is touted as the real deal when it comes to fighting stubborn belly fat, while the herbal variety is not.

What are the Main Benefits?

Appetite Suppression

The greatest benefit that I personally see from using this product is that you may no longer have to struggle to get through the day while following a “healthy” low calorie diet.

With the help of a powerful appetite suppressing ingredients to keep your hunger in check, you may now be able to stay on your meal plan long enough to take your weight loss to a point that you actually start seeing the results that you have been working so hard for.

Enhanced Metabolism, Focus + Energy

You can kick those cans of sugary energy drinks to the curb! The potent boost in your energy levels that users have been reporting can also be a huge benefit to you.

This means that you may now be able to make that after work gym session with ease and still have enough energy when you finally get home.

I love the energy levels that this diet pill can give you, especially when you need it most. And all without the sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors and other toxic chemicals in those energy drinks.

Struggle-Free Weight Loss

The bottom line with using a product like this is that you don’t have to struggle through grueling starvation diets or feeling exhausted trying to drudge through punishing endless exercise programs to get the results you want any longer.

When you follow a sensible and healthy diet along with a sensible workout program at least three times per week, following the directions on your bottle of this fat burner and appetite suppressant can help you lose up to five pounds per week without endless suffering and deprivation.

The dream of a perfect pill that changes the way you think about weight loss has come true for many people, and it’s such as affordable, safe way to enjoy losing weight.

How Does it Work?

Let’s be honest here; everyone who wants to lose weight wants to lose it fast…

Legal alternatives to Phentermine like this one can help boost your fat loss potential exponentially.

Without getting too scientific, this classification of supplement works by helping to increase cyclic AMP levels in the human body. This, in turn, can help to boost specific enzymes that help to release bursts of energy and vitality, while also reportedly contributing to a faster metabolism and quicker weight loss.

In a nutshell, it can help you to:

  • Get your appetite under control
  • Help kickstart your metabolism
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Promote better focus and concentration

But unlike most of the popular otc weight loss products on the market today, this fat burner brings new light to an industry clouded by scams and snake oil rip offs.

This is actually a whole different type of weight loss supplement and according to the countless user feedback that I have closely reviewed, it has the greatest potential of any pill I have seen on the market today.

Kick It Up With Awesome Ingredients!

Why am I rating Phentramin-D not only more effective, but substantially better than all of the other weight loss supplements on the market including the likes of Hydroxycut, Lipo6 and others?

I have rated this supplement to be so effective because of the special blend of synthetic compounds that work synergistically, helping to boost your body’s own natural fat-burning power. The key here is synthetic ingredients. I like this product because it doesn’t contain any herbal ingredients like most other supplements.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for all natural thermogenics like Green Tea and various fibers that make you feel full. But the ingredients in Phen-D are light years ahead; it’s like a Green Tea fat burner on steroids.

The brand new formula for 2014 now works by incorporating 222mg of a proprietary blend containing:

Yohimbine HCL: This is the deal-breaker when it comes to beating out all other supplements in its class. This alpha-2-antagonist has been shown in studies to help the body free up fatty acids to be burned as fuel. It has also been implied to have a targeted effect on stubborn body fat such as in the belly. A popular fat loss agent used by bodybuilders and figure competitors getting ready for competitions, do not confuse this compound with the ineffective herb called Yohimbe.

1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine: A potent stimulant that works directly on the CNS, it is used to help increase physical endurance while contributing to the reduction of fatigue. This component has also been shown to help enhance mental alertness, concentration and coordination too.

2-Phenylethylamine (PEA): The highlight of the all new formula, this integral part of Phentramin is known to be both a very “clean” stimulant and also a potent mood booster, enhancing the release of dopamine. PEA has the amazing potential to achieve enhanced stimulation of the Central Nervous System without producing anxiety or the jitters found with most other high end stimulants. This compound may also promote mental alertness along with concentration and focus while at the same time enhancing metabolism.

Hordenine: A potent stimulant of the CNS like the other ingredients, this compound is said to work extremely well when combined with PEA. The two ingredients are said to work best synergistically, producing a greater effect than when used alone. The effects include increased energy, feelings of well being, enhanced mood and overall performance.

Synephrine Hydrochloride: Another potent stimulant, it is said to be an alkaloid similar to caffeine and ephedrine and is thought to have similar effects in terms of providing an increase in energy, a reduction in appetite and also in helping to increase metabolic rate. Unlike Ephedrine, there have been studies conducted that have supported both the safety and metabolic benefits of this ingredient.

So as you can see, the manufacturers behind this innovative pharmaceutical grade formulation (Lazarus Labs) have put science to work to finally help you get the body you’ve always wanted without the harm of prescription drugs.

What I Personally Like

Performance Driven Formulation

I like the fact that the science of Phentermine 37.5 and Adipex has been finally been transformed into a safe and 100% legal diet pill that helps to work for your body 24 hours a day. If you are weary of ordering Phentermine online or having to go to your doctor for a prescription, you now have another more reasonable option at your fingertips.

Performance Driven Results

The greatest advantage of Phentramin-d over the competition is the results. No tiredness, no gnawing hunger and no disappointment like with other diet pills… that’s what this new breed of diet pills can offer to those wise enough to take the plunge and give it a shot. Instead of staring into the mirror and hating what you see, why not take advantage of this powerful and efficient fat-burning tool…

Performance Driven Company

One of the best characteristics of this product is the company behind it. Lazarus Labs is a “real” company that actually manufacturers its own products and has an A+ rating from the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Most other companies that sell weight loss pills hide behind a label and a “distributed by” stamp on the bottle.

There is also no “scammy” website with fake before and after photos, bogus fabricated graphs and charts and no long drawn out sales copy. This is a product that sells itself not because of the sales copy but because of the results that it has produced.

What’s Missing?

Although my opinion may be slightly biased because I absolutely love this product over every other weight loss supplement on the market, from the customer feedback that I have reviewed this product seems to back up its claims and stand its ground as one of the premier legal alternatives to Phentermine.

But if I had to say something about any type of improvement it would be this: One thing that I would like to see added into the mix is the addition of either 5-HTP or L-Theanine. Any of these two compounds would take the “edge” off a bit and would probably give you that “smooth” energy rush instead of that jittery jolt that it may give some people who are more sensitive to stimulants. 5-HTP may even heap to curb your hunger even further, thus making product even more powerful.

That is just my own personal opinion though and you can take it for what it’s worth…

Is it Safe and Free From Side Effects?

From my personal experience and from all of the feedback that I have seen, there have not been any reports of any serious side effects with this product. The usual cases of mild insomnia and some dry mouth may be experienced by some users, but that is common with just about any diet pill of this caliper.

If you follow the instructions on the bottle, then you will be less likely to experience any negative complications. Always make sure that you don’t try and play Russian Roulette by taking more than the recommended dose.

What are Customers Saying?

Customer reviews tell it all so we would like to have you take a look at what some people are saying about this product. From my research, there are countless positive reviews and feedback from happy customers.

Instructions for Use

Always make sure that you follow the directions on the label and do not take matters into your own hands with a product like this. Overdosing can lead to dangerous consequences and that it how people get hurt when taking diet pills and other nutritional supplements in general.


The manufacturer recommends that Phentramin-d should be taken 20 minutes before breakfast with 8 ounces of water and 20 minutes before lunch or in the early afternoon. Because of the potency of this product, if you take it later in the afternoon you may experience mild insomnia.

Practices for Best Results:

If you are looking to get the most out of this product and your investment, it is recommended that you combine this weight loss supplement with a healthy diet and regular exercise program. Weight training and cardio sessions are recommended a minimum of 3 times per week for the duration of your weight loss program.


DO NOT take Phentramin-D tablets or capsules if you have a known medical condition including high blood pressure, diabetes, any cardiovascular disorder, heart disease, hyperthyroidism, or are taking prescription medication. Always consult with your physician or healthcare provider before taking any type of nutritional supplement

Where to Buy Phentramin-d for the Best Price

Don’t be fooled by advertisements for cheap Phentermine alternatives that you find everywhere online. Always do your homework and find out who the manufacturer is behind the product being sold.

Genuine alternatives to Phentermine 37.5 and Adipex can only be purchased directly from reputable pharmaceutical grade manufacturers. This is why you won’t find Phentramin-D in stores and you can only buy this product directly from Lazarus Labs.

There are many buying options in addition to purchasing a single bottle, but I have found the following deals to be the best for most people:

So don’t delay, take advantage of one of their discounted packages that includes FREE SHIPPING and save money today. Here are some ways that you can save when you buy Phentramin-d™ directly from

Is There Money Back Guarantee?

Finally… a company that stands 100% behind their product. Lazarus Labs offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. I am not going to go into the details here so check out the official website for details.

The Final Verdict

Overall I feel that Phentramin-d is hands down the best legal alternative to Phentermine and is in a class all its own. Being backed by a reputable company with an A+ rating from the BBB and offering a 30 day money back guarantee makes me even more confident in the product and its potency.

As for the results, from my own personal experience and the positive customer feedback that I have reviewed, this product has a phenomenal track record. There are no “scammy” fake before and after photos on the website which make the company even more reputable to us. Nothing but good stuff here…

  • Great appetite suppression
  • Great boost in metabolism
  • Great energy levels
  • Enhanced focus and concentration
  • Money back guarantee

Life’s too short to spend it being unhappy with your body! So instead of hiding your bulges in baggy sweaters and thick layers, why not improve your shape with the power of these powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant diet pills today?

But don’t delay… Start enjoying the body you have always wanted with the new breed of LEGAL alternatives to Phentermine 37.5…

Pick yourself up a bottle of Phentramin-d tablets or capsules TODAY!

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